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Few universities can match the depth and breadth of Purdue's research capabilities and talent. As you explore our world-changing research, you'll quickly see why Purdue is a national and global leader in discovery and innovation.

Centers and Institutes and Research Cores all seek to support and enhance the research and partnership enterprise at Purdue University.

Centers and Institutes are valued and encouraged at Purdue. They create a venue for faculty to come together to pursue common goals. Additional opportunities for joint projects and funding are created as investigators interact. Currently, there are more than 100 University approved centers and institutes at Purdue. Each center was developed to fill a particular need.

  • Discovery Park centers provide infrastructure and project support to the entire University, encouraging multidisciplinary groups to coalesce and respond to grand challenges and opportunities.
  • Externally funded project Centers or Institutes are typically organized around a specific objective. They may have a natural lifespan tied to the project period, but may also transition to sustainable, ongoing activities after the project ends.
  • Grassroots Centers or Institutes vary in size and arise from faculty initiatives; they are frequently nurtured and supported by academic departments.

Research Cores provide access to instrumentation, equipment and facilities (including databases), software, or professional expertise in the design and conduct of specialized measurements, analysis and interpretation of data, and research collaboration. To be considered a university-level research core, research resources should be broadly available to investigators and research teams across the University and should have a business plan or model (academic unit/center backed, recharge, project-by-project funding, etc.). Many Cores are available to and encourage requests for assistance from external users.

iLab Cores at Purdue University

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
3iD Recharge Bob McCullouch 66584
ABE Vehicle Fleet Recharge Pam Hancock 765-494-1169
Agriculture and Biological Engineering Energy Audit Recharge Chad Martin 765-496-3964
Agronomy Variety Testing Philip DeVillez 765-583-1406
Agronomy Vehicle Pool Core Terry D. West 765-427-0701
Animal Holding Recharge Richard Sieber (765)496-1402
BRK Electron Microscopy Core Rosa Diaz
BRK Evaporation Sputtering Core Dave Lubelski 765-494-9102
BRK Furnace Core Ron Reger 765-496-6667
BRK Lithography Core Bill Rowe (765)-496-8389
BRK Packaging and Assembly Core Tim Miller 765-494-3461
BRK Roll to Roll Technology Core
BRK Utility Core Jerry Shepard 765-494-3480
Beck Center Lauren Lee Johnson 765-583-0590
Bindley Bioscience Imaging Facility (BIF) Andy Schaber 765-496-3148
Bindley Metabolite Profiling Facility (MPF) Amber Jannasch (765) 496-7028
Biological Evaluation Core Facility Sandra Torregrosa-Allen
CATME Recharge Core Dan Ferguson 419 302 8210
CERIS Eileen Luke 765-494-6613
Campus Wide Mass Spectrometry Center Ryan T. Hilger 765-494-5234
Chemical Genomics Facility Lan Chen 765-496-6668
Civil Engineering Civil Field Vehicle Erica Cottrell 765-494-5455
Civil Engineering Civil Tarco Field Vehicle Erica Cottrell 765-494-5455
Civil Engineering JTRP Vehicle Recharge Erica Cottrell 765-494-5455
Civil Engineering Pankow Lab Recharge Robert Hershberger 765-494-5220
Computational and Medicinal Chemistry Core Facility Antonella Pepe Ph.D.
Cryo Electron Microscopy Facility Valorie Bowman 1-765-494-5643
Digital Imaging Bol, Allen 765-496-3386
Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science EAPS Vehicle Recharge Stacie Cordell
Evaluation & Learning Research Center (ELRC) Wilella Burgess 494-0668
Fatty Acid Analysis Core Sam Guffey 765-496-6266
Flight Operations Melissa Walters
Flow Cytometry and Cell Separation Core Facility Jill Hutchcroft 765-586-1130
Histology Research Laboratory - Center for Comparative Translational Research Histology Laboratory 765-494-7548
INOK Recharge Sara Gretencord
Interdepartmental NMR Facility (PINMRF) John Harwood 1-765-494-5287
International Scholar Services Core Amanda Thompson x45770
Key Fee Recharge Center Jameson Root 765-496-2736
Lyles-Porter Rachel Clark 765-496-2711
Neuroscience Cell Engineering Jung-II Moon 7654969241
North Central Superpave Center Dr. Ayesha Shah 765-463-2317 x227
PRIME Recharge George Jackson
Particle, Powder and Compact Characterization Lab Dhananjay Pai 765-494-2915
Physics Helium Core Keith Schmitter 765-494-5533
Plant Growth Chamber Center Nathan A Deppe 49-63710
Pre-Clinical Research Laboratory - Center for Comparative Translational Research Robyn McCain 765-496-2495
Precision Machining Randall Replogle (765) 494-5305
Purdue Electron Microscopy Facility Christopher J Gilpin (765)494-7750
Purdue Genomics Core Facility Phillip SanMiguel 796-49-66328
Purdue Proteomics Facility (PPF) Uma Aryal 765-494-4960
Purdue Stable Isotope Facility Dr. Tim Filley (765)494-6581
Research Instrumentation Center Patricia Bishop (765) 494-7188
School of Materials Preparation and Characterization Recharge Center Jameson Root 765-496-2736
Scientific Glass Blowing Lab Robert Gorman (765) 494-5304
Transgenic Mouse Core Facility
Translational Pharmacology (PTP) Core Robyn McCain (620) 326-1746
Transportation Services Transportation 49-42114
Wright Forestry Center Marlene Mann 765-494-3590
X-Ray Crystallography Laboratory Matthias Zeller 765-494-4572