The Indiana Corn and Soybean Innovation Center

Overview of Services

The Indiana Corn and Soybean Innovation Center is Purdue’s new field phenotyping facility. This facility serves as a hub that brings together Indiana farmers, industry, University faculty and students for a data revolution. By using state-of-the-art technology to measure and analyze characteristics of crops, they are able to translate information about individual plants to field scale.

This 25,500 square foot facility is located at Purdue’s Agronomy Center for Research and Education (ACRE), a 1,134 acre field research station. The center uses automated systems such as UAVs and advanced sensors to collect billions of measurements that will quantify differences in plant characteristics such as canopy area, leaf area, height and photosynthetic activity. The data will be used to create new crop varieties that can better withstand stresses, have improved nutritional attributes, and produce greater yield, among other important characteristics.

This new facility may also be used for seed processing. Including threshing and shelling, drying, grinding and seed treating. The seed and plant processing rooms may be used for root washing, plant dissection, cleaning and many other seed prep needs. Some of the equipment available is a high speed packet and stake printer, seed counters, color sorter, moisture and test weight, leaf area indexer and numerous scales.

The Innovation Center fosters multidisciplinary research and brings profitable innovations to farmers. Genetics, weather and soil information will be combined with automated plant analysis to increase farmer profitability and ensure more precise application of nutrients, thus protecting the environment.

This investment creates a platform for STEM education, bringing together engineers, aviation scientists, computer scientists and agronomists to apply their knowledge to the most pressing problems in plant sciences in the most difficult and important environment – the field that impacts our entire food production system.

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Monday - Friday          

8 am - 5 pm 

4750 US 52 West

West Lafayette, IN  47906  

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Director of Digital Phenomics