BRK Packaging and Assembly Core

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The Birck Packaging and Assembly Core is a collection of tools designed to operate on the micro and macro scale.   The equipment includes a CPD, or Critical Point Dryer, typically used to free cantilevers on MEMS devices. Dicing saws cut semiconductor wafers into smaller pieces to free individual devices for packaging and testing. Wire bonders to connect the bonding pads on the devices to the pins of the packages they are mounted in. The LPKF Milling Machine, Press, and Plater are used for Rapid Prototyping of multi-layer printed circuit boards.


Tim Miller, Research Engineer

Mihailo Bradash, Research Engineer

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     Birck Nanotechnology Center
     1205 West State Street
     West Lafayette, IN  47907-2057

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Tim Miller
Research Engineer
Birck Nanotechnology Center
Mihailo Bradash
Research Engineer
Birck Nanotechnology Center

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