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Aphid - Cryo SEM

ThePurdue Electron Microscopy Facility at Purdue University is a campus-wide core facility which is administered through the College of Agriculture. An advisory committee provides direction on facilities and procedures. Located in the Whistler Research Building, this 4000 sq. ft. laboratory complex supports research on microscopic and submicroscopic structure of biological and physical systems and is available to the campus community.

Originally established in 1983 to consolidate ultrastructural technology in the Agriculture college, the Purdue Electron Microscope Facility has served research needs of a wide range of programs from basic molecular biology and cell biology to applied agricultural and engineering research. The main functions of the facility are to provide equipment, training, space, advice, and expertise so that researchers can come to the laboratories to conduct their research efficiently. There are both self-use  and service options available. The facility contains research equipment for use by students, faculty, postdocs, and service staff.
Technology in the facility provides capabilities for transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and computer-based image analysis. Equipment is available for cryo sample preparation (high pressure freezing and freeze substitution, ultramicrotomy, critical point drying, vacuum evaporation, and sputter coating,  Staff in the facility provide expertise in a wide range of specialized preparation techniques including immunocytochemistry and freeze substitution and are always happy to help.



Getting Started

Projects begin with a discussion.  This is usually between the facility director and the researcher and ideally their mentor/PI. The goal of the discussion is to talk over the science questions of the project. Instrumentation needs and protocols come after that discussion.
The first decision is will the work be done independently, with assistance or as a service.If independent then we will arrange training. Training is always one-on-one at a mutually agreeable time. Also the training is carried out with the users real samples. After training, users will be able to make their own reservations using the iLab calendars.If service will be used then we will arrange to complete and exchange project details within iLAb software.



Christopher J Gilpin Ph.D.
Phone: (765)494-7750
Email: gilpin@purdue.edu


Laurie Mueller
Research Assistant
Phone: (765)494-6666
Email: muelle16@purdue.edu


Robert Seiler (Bob)
Research Assistant
Phone: (765)494-6666
Email: seilerr@purdue.edu


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24/7(Key sign out)

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Whistler Hall of Agricultural Research
170 S. University St
West Lafayette, IN 47906

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Christopher J Gilpin
Whistler S052
Laurie M Mueller
Research Assistant
Whistler S054
Robert Seiler
Research Assistant
Whistler S054