Flow Cytometry and Cell Separation Core Facility

Overview of Services

The Flow Cytometry and Cell Separation Facility provides advances cell sorting and cell analysis techniques including immunofluorescence detection of 14 colors, cell cycle distribution, apoptosis measurements, cytokine detection, data analysis, and more. The facility also provides expert consultation for protocol development so that experiment are appropriately designed and implemented.


  • DNA cell cycle analysis
  • Apoptosis
  • Immunophenoyping
  • Intracellular flow cytometry
  • Phosphoprotein analysis
  • Functional flow cytometry assay development
  • Cytometric bead arrays for cytokine quantification
  • Multi-parameter data analysis
  • Single cell genomic/gene expression analysis
  • Cell types: peripheral blood mononuclear cells, bone marrow, splenocytes, cell lines, platelets, tissue derived cells, cellular micoparticles, protoplasts, and more


**For NON Purdue individuals: Before you register, you must be assigned a Business Partner Number and given a PUID to register/login.  

Please contact the Director of the core, Jill Hutchcroft at hutchcroft@purdue.edu.  An email will be sent to you with your PUID and instructions on how to get registered.


Jill Hutchcroft, Research Scientist

(765) 586-1130


Location and Hours of Operation

Hours Location

Staffed Monday - Friday  

9 am - 5 pm

*trained users 24/7 access     

1203 W. State St.

West Lafayette, IN  47907

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Jill Hutchcroft
Facility Director