Soft Materials Characterization Laboratory (SMC)

Overview of Services

This lab is dedicated to the characterization and analysis of polymeric and other soft materials. It currently contains a dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA), thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA), dynamic scanning calorimeter (DSC), and an automated dynamic contact angle goniometer.

All soft materials equipment is located in ARMS B214. All prospective B214 users must sign up for the B214 listserv, complete and turn in the B214 Safety Contract, and obtain faculty signatures to be granted access.


Jeffrey P Youngblood, SMC Director

Location and Hours of Operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday         

8 am - 5 pm  

Armstrong Hall

701 West Stadium Ave

West Lafayette, IN  49707

Getting Started


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**For Non-Purdue individuals: Before you register, you must be assigned a Business Partner Number and given Purdue credentials to register/login.  

Please contact the center manager for further information.

Links and Resources

Purdue University: Soft Materials Characterization Laboratory


Name Role Phone Email Location
Dr. Jeff Youngblood
SMC Director

Dr. John Howarter
SMC Faculty POC

Daniela Betancourt
DSC Superuser

Tess Marconie
Rheometer Superuser

Jared Gohl
DMA Superuser

Cole Davis
ZetaSizer Superuser

Caitlin Adams
TGA Superuser