School of Materials Preparation and Characterization Recharge Center

Overview of Services

Specimen Preparation

A variety of equipment and consumables are available to prepare specimens for testing and characterization in the School of Materials Engineering labs. Access to the specimen preparation equipment in the Key Fee Labs requires a monthly user fee to cover costs of consumables used to cut, mount, and polish metal, polymer, ceramic, and composite specimens.



The School of Materials Engineering has a variety of facilities that can assist in characterization of material microstructure (grain size and orientation, phase, elemental composition, precipitate structure), surface area and porosity, mechanical properties, absorbed gasses, etc.

Equipment and training are available to all Materials Engineering students. Reasonable accommodations will be made for out-of-department users with a legitimate need to use School of Materials Engineering facilities; however, department labs are not a 'user facility' and should not be regarded as such.


Sam Schmidt, Point of Contact

Casey Peters, Safety Officer


Tim VanMeter, Lab Technician
765 496-3480



Hours      Location

Graduate Trained User Hours: 24/7
Instrument Training and Undergraduate Trained User Hours:
Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm 

     Armstrong Hall
     701 W. Stadium Avenue
     West Lafayette, IN  47907

Getting Started

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Please contact the center manager for further information.

Links and Resources

  1. Electron Microscopy
  2. Phenom Desktop SEM


Name Role Phone Email Location
Sam Schmidt
Lab Manager
ARMS 2207
Casey Peters
Safety Officer
ARMS 2201-1
Tim VanMeter
Lab Technician
ARMS 2201-1

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