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The Furnace Core of the Scifres Cleanroom of the Birck Nanotechnology Center provides semiconductor/research grade furnace processing tools for fabrication and annealing of clean samples.  Films such as silicon dioxide, silicon nitride, low temperature oxide, and polysilicon are films that may be grown/deposited.  In addition to film deposition, annealing furnaces provide additional processing for further treatment.  Annealing may be done with a typical tube furnace or a rapid thermal annealing furnace.  Please contact the furnace core manager for any and all questions.

New Users!  You must complete the required prerequisites to conduct research within Birck Nanotechnology Center.  These prerequisits may include one or more of the following courses;  BNC-111 (Birck Orientation/Safety), BNC200/202/206 - (Birck Cleanroom Training).  Please follow the link to learn more: BNC Training


Ron Reger
Cleanroom Equipment Manager
Phone: 765-496-6667

Rich Hosler
Furnace Core Manager
Phone: 765-494-4712


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Facility Hours 24/7

Staffed Hours 8:00am-5:00pm

Birk Nanotechnology Center

1205 Mitch Daniels Bvld.

West Lafayette, IN 47907-2057


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  1. Birk Nanotechnology Center Website
  2. BNC Wiki - Thermal
  3. NanoHub Homepage
  4. Purdue E-Pubs Birk Nanotechnology Center
  5. BNC Safety Systems
  6. BNC Building Emergency Plan
  7. BNC Operating Policy and Procedure Manual


Name Role Phone Email Location
Ron Reger
Cleanroom Equipment Manager
BRK 2289
Rich Hosler
Core Manager
BRK 2287C

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