3D X-ray Microscope Laboratory

Overview of Services

The 3D X-ray Microscope Laboratory provides access to a Zeiss Xradia 510 VERSA High-resolution 3D X-Ray microscope for imaging the internal structures of physical and biological objects. Using both geometrical and optical magnification, the Xradia 510 VERSA is able to maintain submicron resolution at large working distances which enables a minimum achievable voxel size of 70 nanometers with 0.7 micrometer of true spatial resolution.  

See our website for additional information:  http://physics.purdue.edu/xrm/index.html


Laura Pyrak-Nolte

Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy


Chven Mitchell

Super User, mitch240@purdue.edu

Liyang Jiang

Super User, jiang352@purdue.edu

Location and hours of operation

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Facility Hours: 24/7

Staffed Hours: As required 

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Room G48

525 Northwestern Ave.

West Lafayette, Indiana 47907


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Laura Pyrak-Nolte
Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy


3D X-Ray Microscope Lab



Cathy Lofthouse
Billings Coordinator