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X-Ray Crystallography Laboratory

Overview of Services

Single crystal X-ray structure determination as well as X-ray diffraction analysis of multicrystalline samples (powder, etc).

The X-ray Crystallography Laboratory provides single crystal structural studies and powder X-ray diffraction analysis services to researchers at Purdue University.  The main on-campus users of the laboratory are inorganic and organic chemists within the Department of Chemistry.  The facility is also used by researchers in Medicinal Chemistry, Geology, Biology and other departments on Purdue campus. The Laboratory is open for outside users and collaborates with dozens of researchers from local colleges and national and international universities as well as several pharmaceutical companies from Indiana and beyond.


For resources and equipment, please see For software, see


The instruments in the X-ray Facility are available for independent use, under the guidance of the crystallographer, for both Purdue researchers and visiting collaborators. For training and independent 24/7 access to the lab, please see


**For NON Purdue researchers: Before submitting samples, please contact the crystallographer, Dr. Matthias Zeller, at



Dr. Matthias Zeller

Crystallographer, Manager XRD Services

(765) 494-4572

(765) 772-6288

Location and Hours of Operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday       

9am - 5pm 

560 Oval Drive

Dept of Chemistry

Wetherill 101

West Lafayette, IN  47907-2084

Links and Resources

For additional in depth information please visit the X-Ray Crystallography Laboratory's web page


Name Role Phone Email Location
Matthias Zeller
Crystallographer, Manager XRD Services
WTHR 101