BRK Evaporation Sputtering Core

Overview of Services


Semiconductor/Research Grade Evaporation/Sputtering tools within the Scifres Cleanroom of the Birck Nanotechnology Center of Purdue University. Each system is setup to deposit a wide variety of metals/dielectrics. Films such as magnetic materials are used in specific Evaporator/Sputtering systems and are kept separated from contact metals.


Location and hours of operation

Hours      Location

Facility Hours 24/7

Staffed Hours 8:00am-5:00pm    

      Birck Nanotechnology Center

     1205 West State Street

     West Lafayette, IN 47907-2057

Links and Resources

  1. Birk Nanotechnology Center Website
  2. NanoHub Homepage
  3. Purdue E-Pubs Birk Nanotechnology Center
  4. NanoHub Research Page
  5. BNC Safety Systems
  6. BNC Equipment Installation Manual
  7. BNC Building Emergency Plan
  8. BNC Operating Policy and Procedure Manual


Name Role Phone Email Location
Dave Lubelski
Core Manager
Brk 2287B
Dan Witter
Core Manager
BRK 2287B

Price list

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C - Deposition, Flex Compatible PVD, Per Run (4200001862) (2)
C - Deposition, PVD and Electroplating, Per Run (4200001863) (11)
Deposition, PLD, Per Run (4200001839) (1)
Staff Time, Engineering (4200001835) (1)
Storeroom, PVD Sources, Evaporating Material (4200001861) (27)
Storeroom, PVD Sources, Nitride Material (4200001861) (6)
Storeroom, PVD Sources, PLD Material (4200001861) (5)
Storeroom, PVD Sources, Sputtering Material (4200001861) (36)