Engineering MRI Facility

Overview of Services

The Engineering MRI Facility has a G.E. Discovery MR750 3T MRI scanner available for use by Purdue and external researchers. This scanner can be used for fMRI, DTI, structural, MRS, and various other MR techniques. fMRI equipment, such as NordicNeuroLab's AV system and Current Design's button-box feedback system, are included. Assessment rooms, a wet prep room, and a meeting room are also available for use at the Facility.


Joseph Rispoli, Facility Director

Gregory G. Tamer, Jr. Manager of Operations,

Location and Hours of Operation

Hours Location

Facility open 24 hours/day        


MRI Facility

750 S. University St.

West Lafayette, IN  47907

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Purdue MRI Facility


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Gregory Tamer, Jr.
Facility Director