Research Instrumentation Center

Overview of Services

The Research Instrumentation Center is a core facility in the Department of Chemistry that oversees the shared departmental instrumentation and the mass spec service. RIC is open to users outside the department as well as outside of Purdue.


Please acknowledge the usage of RIC instrumentation (both walk-up usage and submitted samples) in publications with the following statement:

 "This work was supported in part by the Research Instrumentation Center in the Department of Chemistry at Purdue University."


Ryan T. Hilger, Ph.D.



Locations and Hours of Operation

Hours Location

Chemistry users 24/7                                                   

Staff present 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, M-F


BRWN 3154

Department of Chemistry

Purdue University

Getting Started

Please refer to RIC User Policy.


**To submit samples for mass spec analysis click on the "Request Services" tab and look for "Submit samples for mass spec analysis"


**For Purdue students: First-time users should click "Register" in upper right.  Returning students will click "Sign In"

**For Non-Purdue individuals: Before you register, you must be assigned a Business Partner Number and given Purdue credentials to register/login.  

Please contact the center manager for further information.


Links and Resources

For more information, visit the Research Instrumentation Center website.



Name Role Phone Email Location
Hartmut Hedderich
Staff Scientist
(765) 494-6543
BRWN 4165B
Ryan Hilger
(765) 494-5234
BRWN 4151
Mike Everly
Staff Scientist
(765) 494-5232
BRWN 4151B
Na Gou
Staff Scientist
BRWN 3154
Aloke Bera
Staff Scientist
BRWN 3154