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Overview of Services

CATME is a web based service supported by three consecutive NSF Awards, 0243254, 0817403, and 1431694, totaling over $4 million over the past 11 years.

 prepares students to function effectively in teams and supports faculty as they manage their students’ team experiences.

 Instructors use the CATME Smarter Teamwork system because they care about their students’ success. The CATME tools help students succeed in their class-related team experiences and develop and improve skills that employers value most: the ability to work effectively in teams.

CATME provides tools for:


  • Assigning students to teams:
    CATME Team-Maker
  • Self and peer evaluations and rating team processes:
    CATME Peer Evaluation
  • Training students to rate teamwork:
    CATME Rater Calibration
  • Training students to work in teams:
    CATME Teamwork Training
  • Making meetings more effective:
    CATME Meeting Support
CATME helps instructors to:


  • Gather information from students and provide feedback to students.
  • Understand their student teams’ processes, team-members’ contributions, and students’ perspectives on their team experience.
  • Be aware of problems that are occurring on their students’ teams
  • Hold students accountable for contributing to their teams.
  • Use best practices when managing student team experiences.


Dan Ferguson, CATME Managing Director
419 3023 82120

Location and hours of operation


Open: 7 days/week, 24 hours per day/ 365 days per year


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Dan Ferguson
CATME Managing Director
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