Purdue Stable Isotope Facility

Overview of Services

Many of the PSI lab’s services are now available to researchers at Purdue and elsewhere on a contract basis. Analytical services currently offered include:

  • δ²H and δ18O water analyses (precision < 1‰, 0.2‰)
  • δ18O organic solid analyses on TCEA-IRMS (precision < 0.3‰)
  • δ13C, δ15N, %C, and %N organic and inorganic solids on EA-IRMS (precision < 0.2‰, 0.3‰)
  • δ13C gas from organic respiration on TGA-IRMS (precision < 0.2‰)
  • δ15N and δ18O of denitrifiers on continuous-flow IRMS using headspace extraction (precision < 0.1‰, 0.5‰)
  • δ15N, δ18O, and ∆17O of denitrifiers on continuous-flow IRMS using headspace extraction+gold tube thermal decomposition (precision < 0.4‰, 0.1‰, 0.3‰)
  • A range of chemical and physical sample preparation services



Leadership Personnel

Dr. Greg Michalski, Associate Professor


Dr. Lisa Welp, Assistant Professor



Getting Started

**For Purdue individuals: First-time users should click "Register"; then select "Register using your Purdue Credentials" in upper right.  Returning students will click "Sign In"

**For Non-Purdue individuals: Before you register, you must be assigned a Business Partner Number and given Purdue credentials to register/login.  

    Please contact the center manager for further information.


**In addition, the Purdue Stable Isotope Facility requires 'Access Approval' to use it's core.  

Location and hours of operation

Hours      Location

Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm 

     550 Stadium Mall Dr
     West Lafayette, IN 47907

Links and Resources

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Dr. Greg Michalski
Associate Professor

Dr. Lisa Welp
Assistant Professor