Pre-Clinical Research Laboratory - Center for Comparative Translational Research


Overview of Services

The staff of the Pre-Clinical Research Laboratory can assist you with all stages of your pre-clinical animal studies: experimental design, grant application, budgeting, PACUC application and study execution (technical support, facilities, equipment).  We have experience with animal models in species ranging from mice through pigs and sheep. If needed, we can help you identify possible collaborators from the College of Veterinary Medicine.


Gert J. Breur, DVM, PhD, DACVS
Laboratory Director

Robyn McCain, BS, RLATg
Laboratory Manager  

Location and Hours of Operation

Lynn 1243
625 Harrison Street
West Lafayette
IN 47907 

Monday-Friday 7:30-3:30

Links and Resources

  1. Pre-Clinical Research Laboratory - induced animal models of human disease
  2. Veterinary Clinical Trials  - spontaneous models of human disease in companion animals
  3. Histology Research Laboratory - histology and image digitization services, policies and fees
  4. Center for Comparative Translational Research - mission and focus of the center; education and training opportunities in pre-clinical and clinical comparative translational research
  5. College of Veterinary Medicine


Name Role Phone Email Location
Robyn McCain
Lynn Hall Rm 1243
Christa Crain
Research Technnician
Lynn Hall Rm 1243



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