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Overview of Services

On-Farm Energy Efficiency Audit Program:


Purdue Extension is equipped to assist you with an energy audit for various farm operation systems. This program involves evaluating and making calculations of your existing system efficiency, and comparing it to the proposed new systems. Producers may use this audit report to apply for the USDA REAP program, or through other incentive programs facilitated by local utility companies. Chad Martin is a Renewable Energy Extension Specialist within the Purdue Ag & Biological Engineering Department, and is a Certified Farm Energy Auditor according to ASABE Standards. He works closely with Dr. Klein Ileleji who is the Extension Engineer for the Purdue ABE Department.


Contact us to visit further about services available for the following sectors:


Grain Drying
Irrigation Improvements
Dairy Farm Operations
Livestock Confinement Systems
Greenhouse Growing Facilities
Aquaculture Systems


Chad Martin, Extension Specialist


Klein Ileleji, Associate Professor


Pam Hancock, Business Office

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