Macromolecular Crystallography X-Ray Diffraction Lab

Overview of Services

The Macromolecular Crystallography X-ray Diffraction Lab is used by researchers to collect their own X-ray data in order to determine the molecular structures of proteins, viruses, and nucleic acids using X-ray crystallographic techniques. The lab currently has one Rigaku X-ray generator (RU-H2R), with a Rigaku R-AXIS IV++ image plate detector, multilayer confocal X-ray focusing optics, Oxford Cryosystems dry nitrogen gas cryogenic crystal cooler, and an inverted phi axis for easy mounting and recovery of crystals.  Expected in about June 2023 is a modern Rigaku X-ray generator (MicroMax-007 HF) with VariMax-VHF Arc)Sec confocal optics and an Eiger2 R 4M photon counting detector.

Getting Started

Contact the X-ray Diffraction Lab manager Tim Schmidt ( for initial X-ray safety training and subsequent help using the equipment to collect X-ray data. For those with little or no background in X-ray crystallography, assistance in understanding the basic fundamentals of X-ray crystallography is also provided.


Calvin Steussy, MD, PhD - Director


Tim Schmidt - X-Ray Lab Manager





Hockmeyer Hall of Structural Biology

Room 289

240 South Martin Jischke Drive

West Lafayette, IN  47907


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Name Role Phone Email Location
Tim Schmidt
X-Ray Lab Manager
Hock 320