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Overview of Services

The Computational and Medicinal Chemistry Shared Resource (CMC-SR) was established by the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research to accelerate the development of molecular probes and small molecule therapeutics.

The CMC-SR offers services and collaboration in the following areas:
•    In silico screening of compounds libraries,
•    Advanced cheminformatics analysis on primary high-throughput screening (HTS) hit data,
•    Computational docking studies and analyses,
•    Synthesis and characterization of bioactive small molecules from milligram to gram scale,
•    Synthetic medicinal chemistry services for hit/lead optimization,
•    Structure-based drug design.


Antonella Pepe Ph.D.  
Medicinal Chemistry Director


Location and hours of operation



Center for Drug Discovery Building (DRUG)
Room 174
720 Clinic Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2112


“XXXX” data were acquired by the "XXX" facility supported by P30 CA023168



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Name Role Phone Email Location
Antonella Pepe Ph.D.
Medicinal Chemistry Director
Doug Cuttell
Purdue Center for Cancer Research Managing Director